Friday 10 May 2013

Yeah you wanna find love then you know where the city is

 ♫ The 1975- The City ♫
Hey all,

These outfits were taken on the sunniest day in England this year, it was lush! And, as you can see we both braved skin tights and bare arms! It makes me realise how much I love summer fashion and the simplicity of it (no matching outfits to coat needed!)

We have officially entered the dreaded exam time that has been slowly creeping up on us for the past couple of months. Me and Jess both had Spanish and French oral exams this week, which has to be one of the most terrifying exams ever invented... the voice recorder alone brings back many memories of dodgy Spanish improvisation and awful verb conjugation! Good luck to anyone else sitting exams at the moment!

I am wearing: Dress- TK Maxx, Belt and Shoes- Primark
Jess is wearing: Dress- Topshop, Belt- River Island, Shoes- H&M

We received our invite from the lovely people at company and the thought of the company blog awards event in a few weeks time is getting us through exams- we are so excited! Now just the question of what to wear... ideas very welcome!

Its still not too late to vote for us for 'Best Teen Blog', we would be so thrilled!! (page 8)

In other news we also got voted as joint head of sixth form for next year by our year group, which we are so excited about! Re-vamping the common room is number one on our list! Time flies!

Loads of love, Paloma xxx

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  1. Huhu!
    Das zweite Kleid gefällt mir am besten. Sehr süß.


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