Friday, 27 July 2012

'In 5 Years Time we could be walking round a Zoo'...

Hey Everyone :)

Here is day two of our Cornwall holiday. We went to the Eden Project, where we saw the Vaccines and Noah and the Whale gig the night before. Although it's 'all about plants' and very eco-friendly (you would think it would be quite boring for a group of young girls), it was actually really fun and seeing the variety of flowers and trees was really interesting! Our fave part was the waterfall, it was odd to see a man made waterfall, inside the biome :)
Paloma: Top- Primark, Jeans - River island
Jess: Top- Topshop, Jeans- M&S

Check out the giant Bee...very appropriate!!

Loads of love, Jess xxxx

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

'I'm no teenage icon, I'm no Frankie Avalon'- Holiday Day One

 Jess: Top- Vaccines merchandise, shorts- vintage camden, boots- Primark
Paloma: Top- Primark, Leggings- H&M, boots- River Island, Jacket- M&S

 Noah and the Whale :)

Hey all! Sorry we havn't posted in ages! We have just got back from a holiday in Cornwall with our sisters which was so much fun! To make up for lack of posting, we thought that we would do a post a day, showing our outfits and what we got up to :)

On the first day it was pouring with rain, we went to the Eden Project Music sessions to see the Vaccines and Noah and the Whale who were both amazing! It was one of the best gigs I have ever been to, the atmosphere was electric and not even the rain could dampen the spirit!! The Vaccines were so good live and we would reccomend them to anyone looking for some new music for summer :)

lots of love, Pom and Jess xxx

We met Arni, the gutarist from the Vaccines after the gig :)

The Vaccine's newest single, Teenage Icon: 

Monday, 9 July 2012

'I had a dream we went away, left this city for a day'

'Fill my little World'- The Feeling

Paloma- Top- Thrifted,Jeans and bag- Primark, Loafers- River Island, Pendant- Topshop
Jess- Shirt and jumper- Topshop,Tights- M&S, Shoes- Tesco, Bag & shorts- New Look, Hat- Portebello Market

Our sisters :)


  Hey all!

Yesterday we went to Camden town, to check out the market there. As you all know we cannot get enough of Portebello market but we thought it would be good to check out another market to see what it was like, it didn't dissapoint! We found some great bargain buys and would really reccomend a visit! There are some great vintage shops too, and a huge amount of food stalls, which I found very very difficult to resist, in particular the deep fried oreo stall, sounds so wierd but soo nice at the same time! :)

Big hugs, Paloma xxx

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

I don't wanna wake up in the morning, But i've got to face the day...

Hey everyone,
Here is a quick post from when we were both invited to the V&A Museum to view the new Ballgowns exhibition.
It was AMAZING, we both reccomend going to see it.

Here is what we wore:
Jess: Shorts-New Look, Top-River Island, Cardigan-F&F, Shoes-Converse, Scarf-Vintage, Ear Cuff-New Look.
Paloma: Top-Primark, Jeans-M&S, Shoes- River Island. 

Loads of Love, Jess xxxx