Monday, 29 April 2013

If I took a line from your favorite song, wrote it in the sky with the stars that shone, I could never get you to sing along


Paloma is wearing: Blouse, Shoes and Bag- Primark, Jeans and boots- Topshop, Cardi- H&M
Jess is wearing: Dress- New Look, Shoes- Topshop, Bag- Primark, Jacket- H&M, Belt- River Island

Hey everyone,

We were lucky enough to be invited to see the Feeling at an intimate gig in Hackney. The Feeling have been a favourite band of mine for years and the chance to see them perform new songs and to meet and chat to them so so surreal but amazing all the same! Me and Jess had orginally brought tickets to their tour in April, which was then moved to October so we get to see them twice in one year yay! The gig also brought us back to Hackney, a place that we are always keen to explore, but whenever Hackney is involved we ALWAYS seem to get lost, lost to the point where you actually start getting a bit panicky and stressed, and can be seen wandering the streets laughing nervously but we found the studio in the end and it was well worth all the initial confusion and panic. The weather here has been all over the place recently, so we both sported trans- seasonal looks, Jess wearing a long sleeved lace dress and me some wedges that havn't seen the light of day in about or year or so, oh how I love rediscovering old jems!

Loads of love, Paloma xxx

Friday, 26 April 2013

We need fairground rides just to spark a smile...

 1996 - The Wombats  

Hey my lovelies!
Soooo, how's everyone coping with this new dose of summer sun? Anyone burnt? Even I got burnt and i'm naturally tanned...weird isn't it! Well, I love it...but just as we were getting used to no jackets and a strappy vest, as you can probably tell, i'm not used to this weather :)
So, in conclusion, here are the outfits which we wore today, a very bleak and dull day full of damp rain and a thick fog of disappointment as the clouds did not lift. Luckily, we added a splash of colour to a grey day with a vivid vintage tartan scarf, clashed with leopard print flatties and a navy floral seems to be the only floral around! Remember votes are still being accepted so please vote for us in the company blogger awards (teen blog 8th page).
Love you all,
Jess xxx
Paloma is wearing - Dress - Primark, Top - H&M, Boots - Topshop, Tights - M&S.
I am wearing - Tartan Scarf - Vintage (Scotch House), Jeans - Jamie Topshop MOTO, Pumps - Primark, Leather Jacket - H&M.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Forever I see you and me, forever I'll try for you and I

I am wearing: Dress- Primark, Cardi- H&M, Boots- Topshop
Jess is wearing: Shirt and trousers- New Look, Shoes and Jacket- H&M

Hey all,

YAY! The amazing weather has continued, there has never been a better incentive to go and revise, when you can sit outside and study in the sun, and with the thought of summer and holidays cheekily starting to creep out of the back of my mind, where it has been forced to stay after months of snow and rain things are looking bright!! Thanks to everyone who has already voted for us in the company blog awards we love you all, and to get shortlisted means so much to us! Hope everyone has a fab friday tomorrow and a lovely weekend! Some more acts are getting announced for Reading Festival today, maybe time to get myslef a ticket? (the Maccabees pretty pretty please...)

Loads of love, Paloma xxx

PS. We have made the shortlist! Please vote for us for 'Best Teen Blog' in the Company Blog Awards 2013, here, thanks!!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Icarus is flying too close to the sun and Icarus' life it has only just begun...

 Icarus - Bastille 

Hey Guys!
First and foremost we are very excited to announce.......WE HAVE BEEN SHORTLISTED FOR THE COMPANY BLOGGER AWARDS! This is such a massive deal to us as huge fans of Company Magazine (religiously buying it every month), and feel like our endless efforts to bring our blog up to the standard that our readers deserve, have finally paid off because it's all you beautiful people who have made this happen for us, thank you so much, we are thrilled! As you can imagine, we were immediately on the phone to each other, screaming around our houses after we got over the initial shock.Here is a quick post featuring our newest staple item...Company Magazine, (it's a good one guys) and of course an Iced Costa Coffee, lush!

Please, please, please re-vote for us! The slate has been wiped clean, so even if you voted (we love you), please do it again, we would love to be Company's Under 18 Bloggers - Two normal girls who style wearable clothes, nothing eccentric or out of this world.
Thanks again :) 
Paloma and Jess xxx
 Paloma is wearing - Blouse - French Connection, Jeans - Topshop Leigh MOTO, Pumps - Primark, Bag - Topshop
Jess is wearing - Blouse - New Look, Skirt + Pumps - Primark, Bag - Topshop, Earrings- H&M, Ring - Accessorize

Monday, 22 April 2013

Cradle me, I'll cradle you, I'll win your heart with a woop-a-woo


Paloma is wearing: Shirt- Primark, Joni Jeans and Bag- Topshop, Cardi- H&M, Espadrilles- Jaimo
Jess is wearing: Top- DIY (made by me :)), Joni jeans- Topshop, Shoes- New Look, Bag- Primark, Sunnies- River Island
 So the weekend brought with it the lushest weather imaginable!! The kind of weather that makes every sun deprived person in Britain go crazy mad and go out onto the streets in next-to-nothing. Nevertheless it was such a gorgeous day and me and Jess spent the afternoon with some iced coffees and a cinamon pretzel to share (sorry for the lack of foodie pictures as you can probably imagine it was gobbled up before I could get my camera out of my bag!!) Jess wore her toothpaste kisses tshirt that I made her for her birthday- which was perfect for the spell of hot weather- and so I thought I would use a lyric from what is possibly the most beautiful song ever written.
On the subject of sunny weather I am still searching for the perfect sunnies, has anyone picked up a nice pair recently?
Loads of love, Paloma

Saturday, 20 April 2013

It's just something to talk about, a story to tell yeah....

♪♫ The Ritz to the Rubble ♪♫

Hey guys!

Wow, what a week i've had! Who knew a 17th birthday could go on for so long and bring so many experiences with it! As you all know, Paloma through me a surprise birthday party with was the surprise of my life (she is so sly!) and I am still in shock that she managed to pull it off, but to make it worse, my family have been planning a surprise for a while now...all i was told was "dress up Jess, look your best!" so without knowing where i was going, i slipped on my new dress (found by Paloma, she has an amazing eye) with little red pumps and a red lip, as i didn't want to look overdressed. Little did i know that i was being treated to tea and cake at The Ritz!

What can i say, it was amazing and little old me felt so out of place in such posh yet beautiful surroundings. Luckily, all of the staff were absolutely lovely and even sang me happy birthday with a live orchestra! You can imagine how red i went but how chuffed i was to receive a little birthday cake which i shared with Paloma at school the next day, which we Instagram'd and devoured as it was so delicious, as was the perfectly brewed tea and small-portioned yet rich flavoured cakes and scones :)

I definitely recommend it to any tourists or typical Londoners, it's such an amazing treat,
Loads of love, Jess :)

What i wore - Dress - TK Max, Pumps + Bag - Primark, Belt - Betsy Johnson