Sunday, 29 April 2012

Typically British

Hey everyone,
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY WILL & KATE!! Isn't it lovely :) 
We thought we would take the opportunity to go all patriotic and do a 'Typically British' post. From fashion to weather, it's all relevant!
Here are a few pictures of Paloma and I on a dog walk in the rain...It has to be England.

Enjoy <3
Jess xxxx

Paloma's Outfit - Shoes, Deichmann, Playsuit (worn as shorts), TK MAXX, Jumper, ZARA, Tights, M&S

My Outfit - Dress, TK MAXX, Necklace, Accessorize, Earrings, New Look, Cardie, River Island, Ring, Seaside, Brogues, Primark, Cushion, Matalan :)

British inspired nail art :)
Union Jacks :)
Mid jump :)


Typical rainy weather

Nothing better than a coffee to warm us up!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

FYI Monthly Music Post

You’re probably not expecting a music post on a mainly fashion-orientated blog, but Paloma and Jess have asked us (guest bloggers) to write a monthly music post – since many of you followers seem to love music as well as fashion.

Anyway, on to this month’s Music Post…

Our Faves – April 2012

1) FRESH OUT THE BOX – Various Cruelties

 This new-to-the-scene band have their album coming out at the end of April – and we personally can’t wait! This song’s not one of their most recent singles, but we’ve a good feeling you’ll love this.

Various Cruelties - CHEMICALS

2) NEVER GETS OLD – The Cure

Don’t be put off by the gothic image – this lot are harmless really! You might have heard this song before, but maybe never known who sings it, so here goes:
The Cure - CLOSE TO ME


Here’s a band you’ll probably know and love! Their newest album “Suck It And See” is out now; here’s one of their best–known classics.


4) WILDCARD – Everything Everything
After seeing these guys live supporting Snow Patrol at the London O2 Arena (see next section!), we were very impressed by their stage presence and their quirky style. Enjoy!

Everything Everything - MY KZ, UR BF


SNOW PATROL at the London O2 Arena – 10/02/12
The newest album ‘Fallen Empires’ by the band arguably most famous for the song Chasing Cars, is definitely a grower. We were already excited to see the Northern Irish six-piece, but we had no idea how amazing they were going to be.

Support act Everything Everything (this month’s WILDCARD) took to the stage first, performing songs from their debut album ‘Man Alive’ – and some new tunes too. They were unknown to the majority of the audience, evident by everyone’s blank expressions, but as their set went on, we began to like them more and more, and it turned out to be an impressive and original performance from a band who haven’t got the recognition they deserve.

Finally, after hours of anticipation, Snow Patrol appeared onstage to a remix of their instrumental album track ‘Berlin’, amidst the excited buzz of the audience. Some of our favourite tracks of the night were ‘Open Your Eyes’, ‘Run’, ‘Crack The Shutters’ which gave us a glimpse of the bromance between frontman Gary Lightbody and guitarist Nathan Connolly – seriously, check it out on Youtube if you don’t believe us! ;] ), and ‘Shut Your Eyes’ which features some fun call-and-response interaction between Gary and the crowd.

Snow Patrol - RUN - Live at the London O2 Arena

We were also rather amazed by the more recent songs from the band’s 2011 album ‘Fallen Empires’ – we were particularly moved by their acoustic song‘Lifening’, characterised by its central line, “This is all I ever wanted from life”, where Gary outlines the aspects of life he most appreciates and his hopes for the future, such as his poignant lyrics, “To share what I’ve been given \ Some kids eventually \ And be for them what I’ve had \ A father like my dad”.

It was a great night for all and we’ll certainly be seeing them again –it’s not all about ‘Chasing Cars’!


Your Blog Needs You!

If you have any music suggestions – signed or unsigned – we’d love to hear from you and your suggestion could feature in next month’s FYI music post!
No self-recorded covers please :) 

Monday, 23 April 2012

'Shake, Rattle and Roll'

When asked what our favourite era is we always struggle to come up with an answer, the vibrant, quirky sixties, the sophisticated, elegant shapes of the 40s and the roaring twenties are never far from our minds but it has to be the vintage prints and prom dresses of the 1950s that just top it. 

Maybe its the fact that throughout the era trends could range from poddle to pencil skirts and bright, bold colours to classic monochrome. Either this or the fact that I have a soft spot for the movie 'Grease' ( with its 1950s vibe and i-can't-help-but-sing-along-songs, it has to be one of my all time favourites!)  Whatever the reason, I love the fashions of the 1950s and so we thought we might have a go at recreating some of the iconic looks of the era.

It was so much fun, living in the 1950s for a day and recreating some of the stand out fashions of the era, we hope you like the photos! We took inspiration from icons of the time, in particular Audery Hepburn. Also, thank you to all the lovely comments we have been receiving lately, we really appreciate them! :) xx

Jess is wearing, Shirt- Jane Norman (which has been customized), shorts- Miss Sixty, Shoes- Primark and Earrings- New Look.  

Paloma (me) is wearing- Jumper- M&S, jeans- new look, Wedges- Deichmann, headscarf- vintage and Earrings- Primark. 

1950s inspired make-up, Paloma's Lippy- Miss Sporty, Jess's Lippy- Topshop 

Jess is wearing, Dress- Be Beau, Belt- New Look, Shoes- Deichmann, socks and gloves- M&S, lipstick- Topshop
Paloma is wearing, Dress- Primark, socks- GAP, Belt- River Island, Wedges- Deichmann, Lipstick- Barry M

xx Paloma xx

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Portobello Market

My Watermelon inspired nails (just comment and ask if you would like me to do a tutorial :))

Hey all! Sorry for the lack of posting recently! We were both on holiday last week, and lack of internet connection meant that the blog suffered! But we are back now and so happy to be posting again! I have been meaning to do this post for a while, a couple of weeks ago me and Jess went to Portobello market. It is our favourite market in London, we LOVE it so much and I really reccomend a visit. The mixture of vintage finds, bargains, food and a Spanish atmosphere (as you can see from that yummy looking paella underneath!) gives it such a great vibe! and a handful of churros and hot chocolate from one of the many food stalls is a the perfect combination to warm you up when walking around the  market stalls :)

Paella on a giant scale! (I'm in Heaven!)
I want one so much!  <3

Me and Jess both have a soft spot for anything vintage and we fell in love with these retro signs and at a stall on the way to the market, so we had to have a picture by them :)

We also saw some gorgeous vinatge cameras that we instantly wanted! We would really love to get one, but thought they might be too hard to use, what are your thoughts?

Some amazing jewellery that we saw at one of the stalls. I absolutely love these quirky carrot earrings!

Look out for an upcoming posts :) xx Paloma xx

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter...or should i say Happy Chocolate Day :)

Hi you gorgeous lot :)
Happy Easter to you all, although it's already the evening, i hope that you are all still pigging out on an endless number of easter eggs.

Yesterday, I stayed around Paloma's house with our frind Mollie (who you might recognise from the Monochrome Post). While we were there, we baked a two tiered Easter cake (which is two simple victoria sponges coated in icing). If anyone would like the recipe, please comment.

Also, we would both like to ask you if there is anything you would like to ask us, as we will be doing a Q&A video soon. Please follow and give us a mention in your blogs, we would be happy to do the same :)
Jess xxxx 

Paloma's Outfit - Trousers - TK Max
Jumper -River Island

Jess's Outfit -
Blouse - New look
Cardigan - H&M
Skirt - River Island
Tights - M&S

Mollie's Trousers- Market :)

We hope you like the post and have a great easter <3 <3
Love y'all xxx

Saturday, 7 April 2012

A quick catch up :)

Hi everyone! This post is about the Versatile Blogger Award and a little bit about celebrating reaching 100 followers :)
As I mentioned in the previoius post we were really happy to find out that we were given the Versatile Blogger Award by Rachel P (she has a really great blog!). We then had to nominate 9 other blogs, this was really hard because they are all really great, but we picked our nine favourites :)
For everyone that we have nominated here are the rules:
  • Thank everyone who nominated you with a link back to their blog
  • Nominate 9 blogs and pass on the award to them.
  • Write 7 facts about yourself and share them on your blog

Here are our 9 winners (drumroll please..)

and seven facts about oursleves:
  • Jess has been a vegetarian all her life and Paloma doesn't eat Pork (loved pigs when she was little and has refused to eat them ever since, become a sort of habit now :))
  • Jess thinks that Douglas Booth is gorgeous (might have seen him in Great Expectations on the BBC)
  • Paloma has a massive crush on Gerard Piqué (Football player) haha google him, he's gorgeous!
  • Our sisiters are also best friends and two years older than us
  • Paloma loves painting and is going to take Art A-level ( may be the biggest mistake ever...  so much work!) Jess loves to Waterski and is going to learn to surf this summer
  • We both love Saturday Kitchen, Jess's food heaven is sticky toffee pudding and her food hell is fennel and ainseed. Paloma's food heaven is muscles and chips  and her food hell is ginger and parsnips
  • Our Guilty Pleasures are Made in Chelsea (we are addicted!), knitting and crochet (we are such grannies!) and finally (probaby most embarassing) S Club 7, our friends and us are planning to go to their reunion tour! :)  
Here are some pics of us celebrating :)



Paloma's Outfit- Jeans- River Island, Wedges- Deichmann, Top and Cardigan- Primark
Jess's Outfit - Dress - F&F at Tesco, Belt - Primark, Heels - Deichmann.