Saturday, 28 September 2013

It's a secret, a secret if you keep it...

I am wearing - Dungaree Dress - Topshop, Blouse - New Look, Boots - Topshop, Jacket - F&F
Paloma is wearing - Dress - H&M, Cardigan - Primark, Belt - Accessorize, Boots - H&M.

 Hey all you gorgeous followers,
Sorry about the lil delay in posts, i've been loaded with work, the perks of taking essay-based subjects, right?! But without further a do, here is a quick post of what we were both wearing yesterday. For any of you that live or lucky enough to be visiting the UK, you'll know that the weather doesn't know if its hot or cold, so dressing for the weather is so difficult.

We decided to have a go at taking really summery staple pieces and pairing them with trusty opaque tights and boots, of course!

You might think that we should be happy that it's not constantly freezing, but to be honest, the change in temperature has made everyone in our Sixth Form super-ill and Paloma and I especially have horrific colds, so excuse the boring plain outfit posts for a while :)
Love you all, Jess xxx

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

I'm running low on know how, with this beat I made for two

The 1975- Heart Out
 Shirt- River Island, Skirt- M&S, Boots- H&M

Jacket- F&F, Trainers- Converse, Skirt and Top- New Look

Hey everyone!

Here with yet another outfit post, we can't get enough of autumn trends at the moment, and although it's sad putting away our summer wardrobes, this season means chunky knits, light coats and beautiful autumnal colours, mustard and burgundy have to be my faves!

Two albums that I cannot stop listening to at the moment are the newbies by The 1975 and Arctic Monkeys, perfect get-me-ups and well worth a listen!

Loads of love,

Paloma xxx

Monday, 23 September 2013

So i'm wishing, wishing further for the excitement to arrive...

I am wearing - Jeans (Joni) + Boots - Topshop, Crop - H&M, Bag - Primark, Leather - F&F, Red Lip - Rimmel 96 Fire and Ice.
Paloma is wearing - Crop - Forever 21, Jacket + Boots - Topshop, Jeans - M&S

Hey you lovely lot!
So lucky us went to go to the iTunes Festival (exciting right) at the Camden Roundhouse to see Dan Croll, Bipolar Sunshine, Gabrielle Aplin and of course, the amazing Haim! We were so excited about seeing all of these amazing acts for free and thank iTunes for letting us go. 

All acts lived up to expectations (even though we missed a couple of tracks by Dan Croll as we were late as per, but thank god for guest passes - fast-track the queues) and from the mellow tones of the beautiful Gabrielle to the floor-shaking tunes from Haim. Paloma and I are forever the fourth and fifth Haim sisters, singing every song word-perfect and front row! 

Anyone else been to iTunes fest??
So, here is what we wore to this jam-packed gig.......

 Alana - aka - Baby Haim <3
Family Photo - excluding Paloma and I!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Could be the changing of the seasons but I don't love you anymore

Changing of the Seasons- Two Door Cinema Club

Jumper and Dress- H&M, Shirt- M&S, Boots- Topshop
Skirt- H&M, Hat- Portobello, Jumper & Boots- Topshop

Hey all!

Just a mini post today showing yet more outfits, don't worry we'll get some more baking up on here soon! Great British Bake off continues to make me hungry every Tuesday- did you see those Biscuit towers?! Yes please! In other news, me and Jess are off to see Haim on Saturday for the iTunes festival so we are mega excited! Call me crazy but me and my two sisters may sometimes dance around pretending to be them, hmm that is kind of embarrassing...

Has anyone got any good gigs lined up?

Loads of love, Paloma xxx

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

'Cos every now and then I fall a bit behind, every time I stare into your eyes...

I am wearing - Boots - Primark, Skirt + Jumper - H&M, Blouse - Bershka, Tights- M&S, Jacket - F&F
Paloma is wearing - Dress - H&M, Cardigan - TK Maxx, Belt - Accessorize, Wedges - Deichmann, Tights - M&S.

Hello our gorgeous readers, 
Here is a quick lil post of the outfits which we wore to Sixth Form today. We took a lil break from the LFW trends to go for out own looks and wear clothes which we felt fit the season and mood which we were in :)

Is anyone following LFW? We certainly are, through following numerous designers and brands on Instagram (cositsthebeesknees if any of you want to follow) and keep getting posts from the amazing, weird and wonderful catwalks making Paloma and I uber-jealous of everone in the frow.

Also, we have been recently been planning our sixth form prom, looking a gorgeous venues, photobooths, photographers, catering and of course our own dresses. We never thought it would be this stressful to be Heads of Sixth Form, luckily our prom is all the way in July 2014, so we have a little while to discuss maxi or fit and flare and smokey eye or statement lip, believe us, these decisions could take months!
Loads of love, Jess xxx

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Isn't it hard to make up your mind? When you're losing and your fuse is fireside

Fireside- Arctic Monkeys
Top, Trousers and Shoes- Primark, Cardi- M&S
Jumper and Boots- Primark, Skirt- H&M, Jacket- F&F, Beanie- Goodie Bag

So here is another of our AW13 looks, this time channelling 'boyish' outfits. One of the main trends this winter is masculine meets feminine, creating an androgynous vibe. If you have been reading our blog for a while you have probably realised that me and Jess are very girly in the way we dress, not being able to resist a pair of heels or a peter pan collar! However once in a while we like to push our fashion boundaries and try something new, so here it is! I am wearing my trusty polka dots trousers, whilst Jess is sporting a slouchy beanie and boots!
Its London Fashion week! Has anyone had a chance to go to any of the shows? What are the trends you are loving at the moment?
Loads of love, Paloma xxx

Saturday, 14 September 2013

You took my soul and wiped it clean, our love was made for movie screens...

 Paloma is wearing - Boots + Jumper - H&M, Dress (worn as skirt) - Primark, Tights - M&S
I am wearing - Leather - H&M, Skirt - Primark, Top - Dorothy Perkins, Belt - Accessorize, Shoes - Deichmann, Tights - M&S
The black opaque tights are on!
It's officially Autumn yet feels like Winter already! Paloma and I are both on the look out for gorgeous jackets and coats for these coming months, I don't know about you but i'm freezing already, i'm going to catch pneumonia by christmas! Well, as we're back at Sixth Form and have had our first week, which was filled with the dreaded Personal Statement writing and brand new stationary to start the year (we love a bit of stationary) :) How is everyone feeling about getting back to work or school after a glorious summer? 

If you've seen our last posts, we're trying to channel some AW13 trends while LFW is happening. So, this post is kind of split. I'm going for the 'Good Girl' trend which is going to be major this autumn, with pastel coats and trenches. Paloma on the other hand is merging geometric prints and colour blocking which are also major trends this season, keep an eye on the catwalks :)
Speak to you all soon,
Love you, Jess xxx

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Damn the summer flowers, they took what once was ours

  Editors- The Big Exit

 Top, Boots- Topshop, Dress, Cardi- H&M
Boots- Topshop, Jacket- F&F, Dress- New Look, Belt- River Island

Hey all!

So as the title says 'damn summer flowers', its all about dark, wintery florals, so out with the cute summery prints and in with the new autumn look. With the new season upon us me and Jess are trying to channel as many trends as possible, so here are is our second helping of Autumn looks, this time,-dark florals! In the colder months it can be hard not to turn to trusty old black, but dark prints add a bit of brightness to grey mornings so its definitely a trend to try!

Because I love to taunt myself with beautiful clothes that I can't afford I decided to I chose my favourite winter floral pieces from Topshop, I have had my eye on the midi and crop combo for a while now!

Loads of love, Paloma xxx

Monday, 9 September 2013

It started all in early September, when my god given little became a lot older...

Models - Mulberry, Tommy Hilfiger, Versace, Saint Laurent
Trousers - Urban Outfitters, Satchel - ASOS Cambridge Satchel Co., Dress + Skirt +Suit - Topshop, Scrunchies - Urban Outfitters.
 Paloma is wearing - Scarf- Vintage, Wedges- Deichmann, Skirt -H&M, Top - Primark, Belt - Accessorize.
I am wearing - Blouse- H&M, Blazer - Primark, Trousers - Primark, Wedges - Deichmann, Lipstick- Topshop
 I think you've all guessed the theme of this post right. So, Tartan is a HUMUNGOUS trend this AW13. Whether it's with a punky vibe pairing it with a leather jacket and biker boots, or going for a cutesy schoolgirl look, any type of check is bang on trend!
All you have to do is look at the catwalks to see what a huge tartan has had on the fashion industry this season. Mulberry, Prada, Celine...the list is literally endless!
Due to this, I decided to grab a pair of smart tartan trousers for sixth form, as today it was our first day back. I wasn't very keen on the bright red tartan, so i went for a more subtle green and navy check. Whereas Paloma has brought back her trusty vintage tartan scarf to add an edge to her look.
If I have one tip for you it would be to 'get some tartan in your life!'
Loads of love, Jess xxxx