Saturday 28 September 2013

It's a secret, a secret if you keep it...

I am wearing - Dungaree Dress - Topshop, Blouse - New Look, Boots - Topshop, Jacket - F&F
Paloma is wearing - Dress - H&M, Cardigan - Primark, Belt - Accessorize, Boots - H&M.

 Hey all you gorgeous followers,
Sorry about the lil delay in posts, i've been loaded with work, the perks of taking essay-based subjects, right?! But without further a do, here is a quick post of what we were both wearing yesterday. For any of you that live or lucky enough to be visiting the UK, you'll know that the weather doesn't know if its hot or cold, so dressing for the weather is so difficult.

We decided to have a go at taking really summery staple pieces and pairing them with trusty opaque tights and boots, of course!

You might think that we should be happy that it's not constantly freezing, but to be honest, the change in temperature has made everyone in our Sixth Form super-ill and Paloma and I especially have horrific colds, so excuse the boring plain outfit posts for a while :)
Love you all, Jess xxx


  1. Such a pretty blouse Jess, and I have a Topshop denim pini too - I love it! You book look great :)


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