Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I've got buttons on my coat and sails on my boat

Pencil full of Lead- Paolo Nutini

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday we went on another trip out to Camden Town to look around the market and explore a bit more. Sadly for us there can be no more buying of Levi Shorts and slouchy tees because when term starts we are both off to college which is strictly smart wear (ekkk)! At first the thought filled me with dread, but after a bit more thought and a H&M haul (both me and Jess bought the gorgeous cable knit jumper- but in different colours of course!) I am actually looking forward to it, although its going to be tricky not being able to grab my jeans out the wardrobe! So over the next couple of months we might post a couple of a smartish outfits on the blog as well :)

Also, a couple of months ago, our sisters featured on our blog writing a music post, they have now started their own music blog, On the Jukebox. It's full of new bands, gig reviews and song reccomendations and is worth a look! :)  

Lots of love, Paloma xxx


I have always loved Paisley, so when I saw this dress in the TK Maxx sale I had to get it! I got the shoes recently as well in Deichmann, thought that they will be good for autumn and college as well!

Dress- MODE at TK Maxx
Shoes- Deichmann
Bag- Topshop
Cardigan- Primark

Jess has paired her Cobalt blue jeans with her 'surf, jam live in a van' DIY t-shirt and a pair of leopard print slipper style shoes.
Cobalt Blue is a major trend this autumn, visit Vogue to see other ways to wear it :)

T-shirt- DIY (Primark)
Jeans- F&F
Shoes- Primark
Cardigan- New Look
Belt- Peacocks
Bag- New Look

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Swimming, Swimming, Swimming, Just stay in your lanes...

Lachmere - The Maccabees
Hey Everyone, 

Here is a quick post of our outfits of when we went swimming on a warm summers day (why i have soaking wet hair) :)What have you all been up to this holiday, any recommendations of things to do to end the summer holidays?

Paloma's Outfit: Skirt- Primark, Shoes- Deichmann, Blouse- Primark, Belt- H&M

My Outfit- Vest- H&M, Skirt-New Look, Shoes- TK MaX, Belt- Peacocks.

Loads of Love, Jess xxx

Saturday, 25 August 2012

How to make homemade custard creams :)


I felt that it was time for a baking post, biscuit time! Everyone has their favourite biscuit to go with afternoon cuppa, and for me it has to be a good old custard cream. I can eat millions of the things, sereiusly once I start, I can't stop!

 I was very keen to try making some homemade- somewhat healthier versions of the buscuit tin classic, so I could eat them without so much guilt!
I found this recipe online, whilst browsing through Ed Kimber's (winner of Great British Bake off) website, which I would definitely reccomend!
There are only five ingredients in this recipe- so don't be afraid to try it!
For the Biscuits--- 225g flour--- 50g Custard Powder--- 30g Icing Sugar--- 175g Butter--- 1tsp Vanilla Extract
For the Filling---50g Butter---200g Icing Sugar---2tbsp Custard Powder

Step 1--- Put the flour, sugar and custard powder in a blender, and pulse.
Step 2--- Once all mixed, add the butter and vanilla extract and pulse until the mixture forms a dough

Step 3---  Form a ball with the doudh, and wrap the in clingflim and refrigerate for 40 mins
Step 4--- On a floured surface roll out the dough so that it is 3-4mm thick
Step 5--- Using a biscuit cutter cut out roughly 40 biscuits (so when sandwiched together this would make 20 biscuits).
Step 6--- Bake the biscuits in a preheated oven (180C/160C Fan/350F) for ten minutes until just firm.

The Icing
Step 1--- Cream the butter, sugar and custard powder togther in a bowl
Step 2--- Spoon the icing into a piping bag and squeeze onto the biscuits- or use a knife to spread onto the biscuits

Step 3--- Sandwich the biscuits together
Best served once cool and with a hot cup of tea- enjoy! :)

Lots of love, Paloma xxx

Thursday, 23 August 2012

I tried to do handstands for you, but everytime I fell on you...

Hey Everyone, we recently decided to do a shoot of an outfit inspired by the Olympic games, as we both have a serious case of olympic fever. We are all so proud of Team GB, gold medals galore!

This jacket is from a giveaway that i won from the amazing MOD FOX.
I really love the Airtex material as it makes the jacket fit in so well with the current trends.

My Outfit- Jacket- Collection B, Top-Primark, Trousers- M&S, Shoes- F&F@Tesco, Bag- M&S.

Loads of Love, Jess xxx

Monday, 20 August 2012

Statement Tees- DIY and Best Picks :)

Hey Everyone!
Hope the week has started off well! Wow, it is so hot! Just as summer seemed to be deserting us and I was getting ready for some autumn trends, summer is back again- yay! Because I definitely feel that my dresses have not had enough wear this summer!

This is our first ever DIY on the blog, but we are definitely planning to do some more (haha hopeing that my GCSE textiles might come in handy!) and we would love some feedback on it :)

Statement Tees, they never go out of fashion and can be a perfect way to express a mood or favourite band/ lyrics! So we decided to make some of our own, fpr under £5, way chesper that any avaible on the highstreet, and with your own personalised message :)

1) Buy some fabric pens- we recommend these from Tiger- only £2, bargain!
2) Buy a plain top of any colour, Primark is always good, you can grab one for £2-£4

3) To make it easier, put your t-shirt around a tray, so that the material is easy to write on- with no folds 
4) Once you have an idea, get drawing! I decided to chose lyrics from Fill my Little World, by my favorite band, The Feeling

5) I did mine freestyle, but you can mark it out using a pencil first

6) Add any finishing touches, Jess's t-shirt with a bee, 'Cos its the Bees Knees' :)
7) Jess's finished T-shirt 'Surf, jam, live in a Van'

Hope you enjoying our first DIY, its a really simple one but effective and really fun to do!!  :)

Our finished T-shirts :)

and to finish off.. some of our favourites on the highstreet :)

 1) Love London Top- Topshop- £40
2) MTV top- River Island- £20
3) Maccabees Top-The Maccabees store- £18
4) Bellissimo Top- River Island- £25
5) Free T-shirt- Republic- £15 

Lots of love, Paloma xxx

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Well, whatever i never could ever let you go...

  Hey Guys, here is our outfit post (sorry it's short) from when we went to see Spector at Hyde Park, they were fantastic :)

Palomas Outfit - Blouse- Primark, Jeans- River Island, Bag- Topshop, Sunnies-TK Max, Shoes- Primark.

My Outfit - Playsuit- Matalan, Bag- M&S, Cardigan- H&M, Shoes- New Look.
Loads of hugs for all of you, Jess xxxxx

Monday, 13 August 2012

"Sun is shinin' in the sky, there ain't no cloud in sight"

The Feeling
Scouting For Girls

Jess's olympic nails :)
Union Jack :)

Hey Everyone!
Nooo, the Olympics are over:( But its been great!!  Being in London, you couldn't get away from it and we made the most of Olympic fever, by heading to BT London live a number of times (which hosts free music gigs at Hyde Park!) The atmoshphere was great and everyone was so patriotic :)

These are some pictures of the first two days that we went to Hyde Park and the outfits that we wore. On the first day we went to see Scouting for Girls- who were amazing. By the end of the night none of us could talk after screaming out the words to all their songs. The next day I could hardly contain my excitement, The Feeling were playing at Hyde Park! The Feeling have always been my favourite band, and although other bands come and go, they always remain my all time favoutites! Haha I'm such a fan girl- I even made a banner :) They were amazing as well, my favourite song had to be Rosé (ahaha for all us bloggers, if you don't know the song, you might recognise it from the Burberry frangence advert ;)) 

Big hugs! Paloma xx

Paloma's wearing- Jumper- M&S, Swan print trousers- Primark, Ballet pumps- Primark

Jess's wearing- Jeans, Top and Bag- M&S, Shoes- F&F, Leather Jacket- New Look, 

Monday, 6 August 2012

Come along for the ride, cola bottles and a sherbet rocket.

Oh Atoms - Sugar Mouse  

Hey all you lovely people :)

Here are a few pictures of how we spent our last day in cornwall. We went to a beautiful town called St Ives. It was right on the coast and although it wasn't too sunny, it didn't rain either :)

We spent the whole day there, looking at shops (mostly the sweet shops, selling lots of Cornish Fudge in all different flavours) eating cornish pasties and ice-creams (mine was strawberry cheesecake, with a scoop of clotted cream and a fudge twist. It was delish, but i felt sick after a while :S

To top it all off, we saw a seal, it came right up to the pier and smiled for all the cameras. We called him/her flubber :)

 Paloma's outfit- Cardigan - Primark, Top- Thrifted, Jeans- River Island, Shoes- River Island, Bag- Topshop.
My Outfit - Top- Miss Prodigy, Shorts- Vintage (Baleno Blue), Cardigan- F&F, Shoes- Converse, Belt- River Island, Nail Varnish- Topshop.
Love You All, Jess xxxxx

Thursday, 2 August 2012

I wish that this World was finer, and I want an Ocean liner

'Helicopter'- The Feeling

Hey everyone!
These are some photos from our second last day at Cornwall. In the morning, we went to the beach :) We then decided to take a bus into the city of Truro, the journey down to the bus stop was an adventure in itself, what we were told was a two minute walk, ended up being a 30 minute hike, down near- empty streets and country lanes, but it was really nice taking in the scenery!

We finally managed to get the bus to the city, which was beautiful with it's cobbled streets and cathedral, it aslo had a Topshop (which is always a bonus! :)) In the evening, we went for a Pub meal which was soo nice! Being near the sea, they had loads of fish options which was really handy for me, being a newly converted pescatarian (nearly four months now, yay!)

Hope everyone is enjoying the week and the Olympics (Wow, some of the male swimmers, Ryan Lotche ;))

Beach Outfits- Morning
Paloma's outfit- Maxi Dress- TK Maxx, Sunglasses- Miss Sixty
Jess's Outfit-Dress- Miss Prodigy, Sunglasses- Steve Madden
Day Outfits
Paloma is wearing: Skirt and Top- Primark, Cardigan- Susan Bristol
Jess is wearing: Skirt- River Island, Cardigan- M&S

Evening Outfits
Paloma is wearing- Maxi Dress- TK Maxx, Ballet Pumps- Primark, 
Jess is wearing- Shorts- H&M, Top- River Island, Bag- New Look, Flip Flops- Roxy

Lots of love, Paloma xx