Saturday, 20 September 2014

I'd flee this town, i'd bed my dreams underground...

Beirut - Elephant Gun

Hey guys!
So this is our last post for a while now. It's sad but needed as we're both heading off to University. Well, Paloma's already there and has been for a long while and i'm missing my partner in crime stupidly. I'm leaving in exactly a week today so I'm excited but not looking forward to the long car journey and most of all leaving my cosy home for a new 'family' and cold small uni room.

This week is a bit of a hectic one for me, with all this packing and having a complete life change but it's nothing compared to how Paloma's freshers went. From seeing Scouting for Girls to going clubbing every night, my little chick was super exhausted at the end of Freshers Week. But now she's hard at work going to lectures and has already been assigned her first essay :/

My life is pretty chilled other than the idea of Uni approaching quickly. Going out with my favourite people and waving old friends good bye, its been great and really made me realise what I will miss in Lancaster.

So as our final post...not really final...but you know what I'm trying to say, thanks followers, good luck with everything you're all up to and speak to you all soon.

Paloma and Jess xxxx

Jess: Skirt - New Look | Crop Top - Topshop | Wedges - Esprit | Rucksack - New Look
Paloma: Cami + Shoes - Primark | Jeans - Topshop

The sky all pastel shades, under breeze block palisades

Jake Bugg- Messed Up Kids

Paloma is wearing | Dress- Topshop | Shoes- Primark | Belt- H&M | Bag- Forever 21|
Jess is wearing | Top- New Look | Skirt- Primark | Satchel- Edinburgh | Shoes- M&S |
Hey all!
Hope you enjoyed the latest post, we are finally back to blogging and on a roll :) Benicassim festival was amazing and I am still clinging onto all the memories that were made there! Jake Bugg was a favourite of mine, he was amazing live and 'Broken' was so emotional, it was one of my favourite moments of the holiday. Hence why I have gone all Jake Bugg on you guys with the title (sorry you can probably tell I still have a serious case of holiday blues!)
These photos were taken on a trip out to dinner with our friend Hannah, we went to Giraffe and it was soo good, I would definitely recommend the veggie burrito, it was literally heaven on a plate...
Lots of love,
Paloma xxx