Sunday 14 April 2013

Brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favourite things...

Hey all you beauties! How are you all?

Its my birthday!!! Woooo :) I'm 17 today and have had a lovely family-oriented day, opening prezzies, going for lunch, drinking lovely tea , eating my mum's award-winning cakes and baking lots of bread! I can't wait for tomorrow which is entails meeting up with friends, including the fabulous Paloma to have a little celebration...with yes, more food and more tea! Sorry for the lack of posts signed off by me, but i have been computer-less due to the breakdown of Mildred my previous laptop, i'm happy to say this is the first post from my new laptop - Macbook Pro (thanks mum and dad).
 For those who are Spring babies, here are some of my favourite things which could act as great presents  as a cheeky treat or to hint to a friend :)

Loads of love, 17 year-old Jess xxx

1 -  Free People, 2 - Topshop 3 - Urban Outfitters 4 - Urban Outfitters

1- Rock n Rose 2- ULTA 3- ASOS 4- Etsy 5- Etsy

1- Free People, 2- Tobi, 3- Free People, 4- Mr Kate, 5- Gensee, 6- Etsy

(left - right (not incl. pictured)) 1 - Zara, 2- Primark, 3- River Island 4- Topshop


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