Tuesday 9 April 2013

You torched a Saab like a pile of leaves, i'd gone to find some better wheels...

♪Diane Young - Vampire Weekend♪
Hey you spring chickens!
Here is a quick little post just to show the essence of what we did on the weekend :) Yet again...We had tea, it's becoming a bit of an obsession...at least 5 cups a day, Green tea, Detox tea, Camomile tea, English breakfast tea....The list goes on. Instead of heading out to a lovely tea room in the middle of no where, Paloma and I got out the my tea set which is frequently used, and drank tea till our hearts content. The whole purpose of the caffeine addiction was due to the lovely Maddie throwing a party the night before and Paloma and I being completely shattered, nevertheless, we had a great time.
For some reason, due to it being out English lit exam in May, we decided to do an English revision day... keeping in mind we were practically falling asleep in our homemade lemon drizzle cake. As you can imagine, it wasn't very productive...but we had a great time revising in the park in the very rare English sunshine!
Loads of love, Jess xxxx
Paloma's Outfit - Coat, Boots and Jeans, Scarf - Vintage
My Outfit- Jeans- Topshop MOTO Jamie, Shoes- Converse, Jumper - H&M

Shorts- 18 & East, Shirts - Topshop, Dress & Suit - ASOS

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  1. The tea set is gorgeous! I really want to have a tea day now :) x


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