Thursday 16 May 2013

I'm playing with a dangerous flame again, and i'm happy as can be when you are gone....

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Hellooooo :)

Some exams are now out of the way, which is such a relief and it feels like a weight the size of an elephant has been lifted off my shoulders, but unfortunately, four elephant-sized exams are approaching very quickly, but determined not to get crushed, Paloma and I are powering through with caffeine and stress.

The only thing getting us through exam is The Company Blogger Awards Ceremony, which takes place on the 29th of May, which we are both on the guest list to. Outfit planning can be so distracting and find myself scrolling though numerous retailers for possible choices, So excited!

Wish us luck on English Lit Exam tomorrow :*)

Love you all, Jess xxx
 Paloma is wearing - Top - Vintage, Jeans - Joni MOTO Topshop, Boots - Topshop
I am wearing - Pumps - Primark, Dress - Topshop, Belt - Betsy Johnson, Scarf - Vintage, Jacket - H&M


  1. such sweet and lovely looks :)
    wishing you all the best with the exams, I've still got 4 to go too, we can make it! x

  2. Hey,
    beautiful outfit. I love the dress most.

  3. You girls look gorgeous. I love those pants - they are so pretty!

  4. two gorgeous outfits! good luck with your exams! xxx

  5. It looks so good! Especially the red loafers ♥ So much luck with your exams ladies! xxx,


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