Friday 24 May 2013

However far away I will always love you

Jess is wearing: Blouse- Miss Selfridge, Jeans and Bag- Topshop, Pumps- Primark, Jacket- H&M
Paloma is wearing: Scarf- Vintage, Top and Shoes- Primark, Jeans and Bag- Topshop

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Hey all!

Wooo this should be the last that you hear of exams in a while as they are over! Now all our attention can be on the blog and summer- can't wait! These pictures were taken last Thursday when me and Jess met up for a day full of Gatsby and Pride and Prejudice and a mountain of stress revising for our English literature exam the following day. After a couple of hours revision at mine we decided to go for an impromptu picnic- complete with a tartan blanket, guacamole and French bread (what more could you ask for!) however our food heaven was cut short by a sudden shower of rain by which point we retreated to the library for yet more revision!

I learnt two things that day, food is the answer to all and never ever match your scarf to the picnic blanket as you end up looking like a complete idiot! Lesson learnt :)

Lots of love, Paloma xxx


  1. I love a picnic :D your nail art is great, too xoxo

    1. Why thank you Holly, i'll put up a post soon :) xx

  2. i love both of your outfits, you guys have such amazing style! xx
    ps. it must feel so good to have your exams over, I have mine in two weeks!

  3. Oh my god, I love that song! And both your outfits, such an amazing and awesome style! Love it xxxx,

  4. cute outfits, girls! i adore paloma's scarf! xxx

  5. you must be so relieved that you've finished your exams!
    love the jeans xo

  6. Nice photos ;)
    You look very cute !

  7. Love it!
    do you follow me I follow you already!!

  8. Congrats on finishing the exams! Such a great feeling :) That all looks super yummy! x

    1. It was the nicest picnic i've ever had :P xx

  9. Cute post! Love your outfits! :)

    Kelly xx

  10. What adorable picnic looks! I came across your blog and am your newest follower with GFC, Blog Lovin, Twitter, and Facebook. I would love if you’d visit : the daily savant : and follow back (if you like)!

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