Thursday 21 March 2013

You left my heart like an abandoned car, old and worn it's no use at all

Jess is wearing; Shirt- New look, Joni Jeans and boots- Topshop

I am wearing: Peplum- Primark, Moto jeans and boots-  Topshop

Hey everyone,

We are finally on top of our blogging and are managing to post at least every other day! We realise that it has been a lot of outfit photos recently, but I should be posting my favourite ever smoothie recipe soon, (involves banana and peanut butter!), its so good, but I'll admit does sound a little different if you've never had it.. anyway back to the outfits. These were taken at a really nice local pub on the weekend where we had dinner, both opting for the veggie tart which was soo good! I can't believe that this peplum hasn't really made it onto the blog yet, its one of my day to day items, due to the fact that it is super comfy whilst not being too casual.

What is your grab and go item?

Lots of love, Paloma xxx


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