Sunday 3 March 2013

We stand in the winds that will howl as though the sea...

 Babel - Mumford and Sons

Hey Guys,
So, on Friday our school had a charity day in which Sixth Formers were included (we LOVE fancy dress) and the theme was Disney characters! Some of you will have seen a previous post of our leavers day, where we wore Disney themed outfits, I dressed up as Rapunzel and Paloma dressed up as Ariel.
This time, we were adamant to go as a duo. After recently watching the film and sobbing at the obvious moments, we decided to come as Bambi and Faline :)

On the Thursday, I stayed at Paloma's house so that we could get up nice and early to do our makeup and not take public transport by ourselves the next morning :) Our plans were to go to sleep early, so we would be energised the next morning...well, that didn't happen! we spent what felt like hours to make Bambi's ears and ended up looking like zombies the next morning, it's always the way :)

Well, here are a few pics of what we wore and what a couple of our friends dressed up as too, don't they look great!

Paloma is Wearing-
Dress - Primark
Cardie- TK Maxx
Socks- H&M
Boots- Topshop

Jess is Wearing-
Dress - Primark
Cardie- New Look
Socks- H&M
Shoes- Deichmann

So this post's question is...What's your favourite Disney film?

Mine's Tangled :)

Loads of love, Jess xxx


  1. You all look amazing! My favourite Disney film is The Jungle Book - a classic.

    I'm having a Benefit cosmetics giveaway on my blog at the moment, would love for you to take a look.

    Jo x

  2. you two look so cute!
    my favourite has to be lilo and stitch

  3. Ah this is so cute!! :) I think my favourite has to be either Snow White or Finding Nemo! ;) xx

  4. you look so lovely!

  5. great post! I love this outfit ;-)
    i'm following you,can you follow me please?
    thanks. Greta!


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