Thursday 4 July 2013

Mine was entombed within boombox and walkman, I was a hoarder but girl that was back then

Dress and Shoes- Primark and Dora the Dachshund

Step- Vampire Weekend

Hey everyone!

This is my second post about my time in Barcelona- it flew by! On the night that I arrived it was the festival of San Joan. It was literally the craziest fiesta I have been to- and I have been to a fair share- People throw bangers and fireworks on the streets to warn away evil spirits. It was literally manic little kids setting off fireworks left right and centre, but pretty hilarious! All I can say is it put our 5th November fireworks in the garden to shame!

Explaining doesn't quite do it justice, a visit to Barcelona on 24th June is highly recommended!

Its Friday tomorrow what are everyone's plans for the weekend?! Anyone watching Wimbledon? (that was a silly question!)

Paloma xxxx


  1. Great dress, your dog is so cute! Love, Anna

  2. That dress is AMAZING! I love the print. So glad that you had fun!


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