Tuesday 16 July 2013

DIY Aztec Nail Art Tutorial...

Me again :)
While the cat's away, the mouse will play right? I can't help myself, Paloma's away in the lush New York, so I have decided to take some time out of my 'busy' schedule to have a bit of pampering and do my nails...Aztec Style!!!

I've been wanting to try this out for SO long, and considering i'm actually quite impatient when it comes to nail art, i wasn't looking forward to the outcome. Surprisingly it's very therapeutic and is quite easy and fun, once you get into the swing of it!

This one is really for all you festival-goers. This weekend Lovebox and Latitude are taking place, and my sister, the lucky bitch, got her hands on some free guest pass Latitude tickets! I'm crazy jealous, and she's going to see our babies...the Maccabees :'(
Even if you're not off to a fest this year, these nails are perfect for the summer weather, so give them a try, they're easier than you think!

(email your nail pics to pomandjess@gmail.com and i'll post them in the next post)
 Loads of love, Jess xxx

So...Gather together essentials - Choose any two bold colours (that compliment eachother) i've chosen OPI - Nail Lacquer in 'A Roll in the Hague' and Nails-Topshop in 'Green Room'. 
You'll need a black and a white nail art pen. I have a black fine tip pen from Topshop and a white felt tip from BarryM. You could use a brush dipped in nail varnish - but you'll have to be super accurate!
Finally a base and top coat - i've used Champneys double-up coat.
 1) Apply your base coat to all nails
2) Put stripes of colour, using your nail varnishes, on your nails, alternating from horizontal to vertical on each nail. Don't worry about being messy...you can fix that later :)

3) Take your white nail art pen and draw lines over your nails, over the join of the stripes drawn previously... and more!

 4) Take your black pen and carry on drawing lines over your nails, mostly on the joins. When that's done, be creative! Draw some dots, triangles, squiggles etc. in between the lines.
5) Top coat and tidy up with nail varnish remover and a cotton bud et voila! Funky aztec nails in no time!


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