Friday 12 July 2013

Go into business with a grizzly bear, but just don't sit down 'cause I've moved your chair

 Camisole- Primark, Jeans- Topshop, Shoes- Spain, Bow- Birdcage Bows

Hey all!

Me again... you are probably fed up of Paloma solo posts by now but I wanted to give the blog some attention before I am off (yet again!) on Monday to Washington DC and then New York. I am off to GYLC (Global Young Leaders Conference) through school which involves visiting historic sites in America and also meeting young people from all over the World. I am super excited but also really nervous because I am travelling by myself and am a pretty horrific flyer so wish me luck!

The weather here has been amazing- a long time coming- but amazing nonetheless! This gorgeous floral bow was made by Emmah at Birdcage Bows- an online shop full to the brim with beautiful hand made bows of all sizes. I couldn't resist this beauty and can't wait to style it with a top knot or loose curls for the holidays!

You can even design your own bow and have it made for you- what more could you want?!

Loads of love,

Paloma xxx


  1. This is such a cute look :)
    Love the bow especially x

  2. your bow is so cute!
    "don't sit down cause I moved your chair" is one of my favourite songs, I can't wait for their next album xx

  3. cute bow - i wish my hair was as long as your's!


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