Monday 1 July 2013

I walk through the fog and kiss her through the fence

Skirt- H&M Shirt- M&S Shoes- Spain
Hola amigos!

I am back from a week work experience with my auntie in Barcelona! It was fab, working in her skincare company- Alex Carro, I even got to make a few products which was an absolute treat! It was also a chance to practise my Spanish skills (cringe!) I go to Spain almost every year being half Spanish and all and it is literally my favourite place on earth! Shops close for lunch (food is taken very seriously there) and the night only really gets going at ten! Food and late nights galore its my kind of place!

These photos were taken on the weekend I arrived when we took a trip to the Picasso museum, which is set in a beautiful old building- like most of the buildings in Barcelona. If anyone is planning a trip to Barcelona it is definitely worth a visit if only for an hour or so! Being an art student maybe I am biased, but still...

The weather was amazing- although the locals were convinced it was a bit cold- I pretty sure I have become immune to cold weather after so many years in Britain! I was able to shoot a couple more outfit photos, we can finally get some summery outfits up on the blog, sorry it took so long, English weather is very unreliable!!

Loads of love,

Paloma xxx


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