Sunday 23 June 2013

When the city shines like the sun at night, and I feel it in my heart in my hips...

Woooooooo Summer is OFFICIALLY here, although this outfit post is clearly not themed for the summer season. A couple of posts back I mentioned 'no more black tights and boots' and as you can see, here i'm sporting both :/ This shows all our readers in other parts of the world, while most of you are enjoying your scorching weather and blinding sun, us Brits are battling with wind, sheltering from torrential rain and snuggling up in blankets in order to counteract the chilly weather :(

I can clearly speak for myself in GB as my 'other blogging half' Paloma is in Spain and has been torturing me with messages saying 'off to the beach today' 'aww it's so sunny here' 'off for tapas' 'going to a party tonight, so nervous'. 99.9% of me is so excited for her and I literally can't wait to see all of the outfit posts she's taking (don't worry, you'll not be left out, up on blog asap). But 0.1% of me has become the green eyed monster and is raging with jealousy, wishing to eat monster-sized portions of Ben and Jerry's to console myself.

Well, now i've got that mini rant out of my system, a lot of you will know, Paloma and I barely spend any time apart so as you can imagine I feel like i've just been through a break-up (more Ben and Jerry's for me) and am missing her terribly, let's hope this week isn't too long,

Love you, my little Bumble Bees, Jess xxx
I am Wearing - Skirt - Miss Selfridge, Boots - Primark, Jumper - Topshop, Tights - M&S.
Paloma is Wearing - Dress- Primark, Belt - Accessorize, Boots - Topshop, Tights - M&S. 

P.S - WE ARE JOINT HEAD OF SIXTH FORM!!!! Wahey! We recently go our badges and want to start revamping the Common Room with music collages of our fave bands, collages of photos, a mini kitchen, numerous bean bags, blinds that actually block light and a new lick of paint. Prom's coming up, so we better start planning! Anyone got any ideas? xx


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