Tuesday 4 June 2013

The Company Style Blogger Awards Goodie Bag - Reviews

Hey you lovely lot :)
As a lot of you know (anyone who reads our blog) we recently went to the Company Style Blogger Awards 2013 and had the most amazing time! Other than meeting such an amazing range of people such as photographers, companies and editors..yes Victoria from Company!, a perk of being invited was the goodie bag. So...here is what I got!
Hair Goodies...
1) Vogetti Wide-tooth comb - This comb means no tangles - perfect when paired with Yuko's Leave-In Conditioner (4)

2) Batiste Paisley Dry Shampoo- This is my personal life-saver! I unfortunately have pretty bad greasy hair and without my trusty dry shampoo - I would be looking like Danny Zuko from Grease...Not a good look! Just spritz your hair with Batiste's dry-shampoo voila...you're Sandy after all :)

3) Ultimate Wave cream gel - Paul Mitchell - Cream-Gels are an effortless way for you to get that tousled, roughed up look. Just curl your hair (I like to plait it the night before) and rub in Paul Mitchell's Gel and you're ready for any festival!

4) Yuko Anti-Frizz, Leave-In Conditioner - Out of this entire goodie bag I have used this the most. Oh my goodness, the smell..it's beautiful quite fruity and floral at the same time. Apply it to damp - towel dried hair, comb through, blow dry or curl and you're hair will be as silky as...well...silk!

Beauty Goodies...
1) Betty False Eyelashes - The Vintage Cosmetic Company - The Vintge Cosmetic Company is my new favourite make-up products brand. I have already popped online to check out their brushes, eyelash curlers and makeup scissors. But I won't be needing any eyelashes anytime soon, as these bad boys are re-usable. Betty is my fave style due to their little flick at the end.

2) OPI Nail Laquer in 'A Roll in the Hague' - This was a twist of fate...I needed a bright orange nail varnish and have been looking for one all over the place. I must admit I don't normally buy OPI (more of a Barry M girl myself) due to it's heavy price-tag but this colour, although peculiarly named, is amazing and give me perfectly polished points for summer :)

3) The Vintage Cosmetic Company - Nail File - Vintage inspired file for on the go splits or touch ups.

4) Soap and Glory Lip Stick in 'Super Nude' - This smells amazing! Almost vanillary :) I received 'super nude' which is so lucky because i've been meaning to get one to wear with my heavier eye makeup looks. This lippy has a moisturising technique in it which left my lips feeling ridiculously smooth!

Skincare Products...
1) Elemis Skin Glow Exfoliating Face Wash - This is my new fave brand of all time! I was previously a 'Witch Skincare' girl due to it's natural extracts but i have been converted by Elemis which uses plant extracts, are completely against animal testing and don't use any nasty chemicals like parabens. The jojoba beads feel gentle on your skin but leave it feeling fresh and clean...and so clear!

2) Lauren's Way - Self Tanning Bronzing Mousse-  Now, i'm not a fan of fake tan. Yes, I can sometimes look a tad orange, but that's just my ever-changing skin tone. This is a light self tanner which has to be applied with a mitt and a little goes a long way.. trust me. I'm not quite converted but I did enjoy the glow after all of the hard work.
Yummy Stuff... 
 Bits and Bobs...
1) New Look Stacking Rings - A little souvenir I gave to my sister.

2) Glitzy and Glam Stud Earrings - I kept these for myself...they match the nail varnish, I couldn't give them away!

3) New Craft Society - Vintage Brooch

4) Pinned it Made it Voucher - Attend party for free +1 - SO EXCITED!!! Paloma and I have been invited to a party on June 18th to make some more sunnies. The ladies at Pinned It Made it were lush and the nicest people to possibly meet when you're feeling socially awkward at an event like this!

5) Pinned It Made It DIY Sunglasses - Future posts...I think so :)

OUT TOMORROW!! You must buy it, summer body tips and how to become a successful blogger. Not to mention the amazing fashion pages and interviews which I read on the journey back, couldn't resist :)

Please tell me what you think of reviews of beauty posts :) 
Loads of Love, Jess xxx


  1. Aw everything in your goodie bag looks amazing! Well done for getting shortlisted for the company awards xo


  2. Wow that's a lot of stuff for a goodie bag!! Some great treats too :) Pinned It Made It sounds amazing!! xx

  3. Nice haul! That's what I call a goodie bag!

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