Wednesday 26 June 2013

It's time to change your empty life, you gotta pick yourself up with your half-filled cup...

Me again!
So, Paloma's away in the lush city of Barcelona enjoying the rays of sun, while i'm sat at home in dreary London sniffling, eating ice cream and watching films because yes...I have a summer cold :( For those of you who don't live in the UK, this is a tradition every year as us Brits aren't used to the sudden change in weather, not that you'd believe it looking out the window!

Yesterday Paloma interrupted my New Girl slot on a Tuesday evening with a Skype call whilst snuggled up in bed, in my pyjamas and a cuppa, which made me feel so much better! She filled me in on all of the fiestas, amazing food, gorgeous spaniards and a sprinkling of work experience. Yesterday she went off to a house warming party and baked a batch of her famous red velvet cupcakes, a post up soon :)

Here is a really random post...REALLY mismatched but i'm ill so forgive me :) So, recently Paloma and I have been fundraising for our sixth form common room's redecoration as we are the new heads of sixth form. This entailed baking numerous batches of cookies, cupcakes and tray-bakes. As you can see from the pics below, Paloma and I had just been out for a run (I KNOW, WE ARE ACTUALLY DOING EXERCISE!), but Paloma (you can tell she's the smart one) brought a change of clothes. But tbh I quite like my new joggers - courtesy of Forever 21 - I highly recommend them!

What do you guys think about putting up some 'summer body' themed posts - i.e exercise regimes, healthy snacks and eating posts, like once a month??

Love you all, the 'very ill' Jess xxx

I am wearing - Joggers - Forever 21, Top - DIY, Shoes - Converse
Paloma is wearing - Dress- TK Maxx, Shoes - Topshop, Belt - Accessorize


  1. love the alt-j tee: they're definitely one of my fav bands! xo

  2. Hello dear, as you may already know - GFC is shutting down - hope you can follow me now on Bloglovin' instead. Here's my link:
    Have a nice day :** <3

  3. I love the idea of summer body posts! That is a really great idea! Such cute outfits - I love that denim dress.


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