Thursday 20 March 2014

The storm is breaking, windows shaking; so electrifying, oh i'm nearly flying...

Zorbing - Stornoway

Jess - Smock Dress - ASOS | Boots - Primark | Leather - F&F | Bag - Miss Selfridge
Paloma - Jumper + Boots - Topshop | Dress - Primark  | Bag - TK-Maxx
 Hey Guys,
So Spring is here, sun is out and we're loving the spell of gorgeous weather… or so we thought. Today we both came into school thinking it was going to be yet another glorious day in London Town, we were wrong. Dressed in skimpy chiffon and jersey, thank goodness we decided to wear opaque tights, we were freezing as we had to battle with the elements dressed like it was summer!

It's a serious problem us girls have to deal with, to brave a dress or not to brave a dress, boys luckily don't have that dilemma. Fingers crossed the warm sunshine will be upon us very soon, we've started to miss it already.

All this talk of summer is getting Paloma and I really excited about our holiday this year. A load of us are of to Benicassim festival in Spain and during the little study breaks we have, we're browsing the internet looking for skimpy bikinis and shorts to brave the heat, especially when camping! Wish us luck
Love, Jess xxx


  1. Oh my gosh, that dress is so beautiful. I just love that pattern.

  2. I love your hair jess! and loving the summery outfits :) x

  3. Ah the weather is just crazy at the moment isn't it?! So annoying.. just got all my Spring dresses out & they've had to go away again! Haha.

    You both look gorgeous as always :) xx

    One hand in my pocket

  4. I have the same Asos dress- I love it. You're wearing it so well! And Paloma's look is so cute.


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