Monday 13 January 2014

There's things i'd like to say to you, when you're back in Liverpool...

♫ Back in Liverpool - The Hummingbirds 

Hey you lovely lot!
So sorry posts have been a tad sparse, we've both been super stressed about exams, prom planning and uni interviews, but for the moment, we're back on track :) So, one on the reasons that my post is a lil' late, is that I took a cheeky day trip to Liverpool with my sister on Friday. It was literally such an amazing trip and the most beautiful city, I would never have guessed it!

After doing a spot of shopping, as if i could resist, the highstreet seems to go on for miles, don't even get me started on the vintage shops, I was invited for an audition to study Acting at LIPA university (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts), which was such a privilege as it is such a sought after uni. After monologue after monologue, and workshop after workshop, my day at LIPA was over and I had done all I could do….Fliss and I went for a cheeky pint in the local pub, luuusssshhhh!

If any of you get the chance, visit Liverpool! It's such a gorgeous city and worth a look, even if it is to make friends with the super-friendly locals.

Jumper- Topshop | Dress - H&M | Pumps - Forever 21 | Bag - Forever 21 | Leather Jacket - Topshop | Scarf- Vintage

Blouse - New Look | Joni Jeans - Topshop MOTO | Shoes - Office

Lots of love, Jess xxx
P.S.: - Got a cheeky recall audition on Sunday…looks like I won't be away for too long :)


  1. I love Paloma's leather jacket! Good luck for your next audition Jess :)

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