Wednesday 16 January 2013

When the beating of your heart echoes the beating of the drums...

'Do you hear the people sing?'- Les Miserables
Hey everyone,

So I couldn't resist the title of this post, if you follow us on instagram or even worse were sitting in the same cinema as us then I apologise for all our les miserables rantings and uncontrollable sobbing! The cast was perfect, and me and Jess love Eddie Redmayne so that was another bonus! To anyone who hasn't seen Les Mis go now (and bring a pack of tissues, or two!), it was utterly breathtaking and now has a firm place as one of my favourite films of all time, and that is some tough compeition! Plus, the songs are on constant repeat on my iPod...

ootd edit 7
Now back to the post! These photographs were taken a couple of weeks ago when me and Jess went to Hackney to The Vintage Kilo Sale. Basically the 'sale' consisted of a warehouse containing huge containers full to the brim of vintage clothes (every bloggers dream!). The day was spent rummaging through thousands of dresses, coats and xmas jumpers, you name it, they had it! I couldn't stop laughing  as me and Jess were literally falling into the containers with our legs almost sticking out! (getting a bit too into it I guess...)

Collage ootd 2
Jess's outfit: Shirt- H&M, Jeans- GAP, Cardigan- Charity shop, Boots- Topshop
Collage ootd

My outfit: Coat, boats and bag - Topshop, Jeans- Forever 21, Top- River Island
ootd edit 6

Collage jumper

Our best buys: Two sweatshirts, I wore this super cute one a lot leading up to christmas!

The next kilo sale is in Leeds on the 24th Jan, so if you are in the area its definitely worth a visit, plus check the facebook dates to check further events!
Has anyone else been to any great vintage or car- boot sales?
Lots of love, Paloma xxx


  1. How did I not know about this vintage sale?! Sounds amazing, I'm so gutted I missed out!!
    Yasmin xx

    1. There will definitely be another one soon, so look out for it :) xx

  2. What fantastic finds, I'm loving that buckled coat!


    PS: Stop by my blog if you like thrifting, vintage dresses, flower crowns, Moonrise Kingdom, DIYs, and adventures! I just did a post on my latest nautical sailor dress!

  3. Ooh i love thrifting! I wish we had similar thrifting sale event like the one in this post here in my country :(



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