Sunday 23 December 2012

We're walking in the air, We're floating in the midnight sky

Paloma is wearing: Shirt(worn as collar)- Primark, Jumper- DIY, leggings- H&M, Boots- Topshop

Jess is wearing: Jumper- Vintage, Jeans- GAP, Boots- Topshop, Santa hat!!

'Walking in the Air'- The Maccabees (cover)
Hey all!
The countdown to christmas has officially begun! With it being a matter of hours now till the day we have all been waiting for- I am so excited! This is an outfit post from our last day of school, when we celebrated christmas jumper day (late I know!- but I do have to say possibly one of the best days of the year!). Being very stuck, not owning any christmas jumpers myself I decided to make one, I made it up as I went along but would definitely reccommend trying it yourself (tutorial below).
Hope everyone has an amazing christmas, let the eating commence :P Its a veggie christmas dinner this year, no turkey for me!
lots of love, Paloma xxx
DIY Christmas jumper
If you want Christmas Eve to go that little bit quicker then try out this quick DIY for making a christmas jumper, using felt, pins and thread.

All you need is some different coloured pieces of felt, some paper, a pen, pins and thread and some christmas songs playing in the background!
1) Draw out your chosen design on a sheet of paper (I chose cute reindeer!)
2)Cut out and pin to a piece of felt.
3)Cut around the stencil, using fabric scissors
4)Sew on any further details using smaller pieces of felt
5)Sew your design onto the jumper
The great thing about this DIY is that you can simply unpick your design afterwards, saves you spending money on a jumper you can only wear for a couple of weeks a year!
Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!


  1. Palomas jumper is amazing! x

  2. Aww the jumper is so cute! Have a wonderful Christmas *

  3. SO CUTE! I definitely browsed through your blog, it's pretty interesting. I hope you can check out my site:// and join if you can be so kind. God bless, hope to see joining to soon !


  4. love both jumpers!


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