Monday 31 December 2012

2012- So lets make time work for us

Precious Time- THE MACCABEES
2012 was an amazing time for Britain, with the jubilee and olympics, its been a year we will never forget! Its also been a great year for us, we took the plunge and decided to start this little blog and have had the most amazing time, rambling on, taking snaps and discovering other wonderful bloggers, bring on 2013, we are very excited and hope its the best year yet for cositsthebeesknees! Thanks so much to all our followers and readers you always manage to make our day! :)
Heres a little look back at the year... Happy New Year everyone!
2012- What we wore:
(wow thats a lot of clothes and a lot of posing!)
2012- What we made:
1) Christmas Jumper DIY, 2) Macaroons 3)6) Vaccines Top and shorts 4) Embellished collar 5) Rasberry cupcakes 7) Custard Creams 8) Daisy cupcakes 9) tart 10) Beanie burgers

2012- What we listened to:

2012 has been a great year for music and has also been a year when I really discovered my music taste, and most importantly of all, my favourite band. This time last year if you were to ask me who the Maccabees were, I would have has no idea, 12 months and 3 Maccabees albums later, I don't understand how my Ipod could have exsisted without them! Here are my favourite releases of 2012 and late 2011, that have had countless plays on my ipod...

1) Enjoy it while it Lasts- Spector
I am so glad I made the decision to go and see Spector in Hyde Park during the summer, it was one of the best decsions I ever made! Although at the time I had knew none of the lyrics, that soon changed...Their album has to be one of my absolute favourites, every song isequally catchy and addictive. Anyone who hasn't already check them out,
Best track, Friday Night Don't Ever Let it End

2) Given to the Wild- The Maccabees
In my opinion, the best album of 2012, may be biased, but then again it was shortlisted for the Mercury Prize album of theyear and is the band's third and best release to date. The Brigthon- based bands indivual and unique sound, accompained by Orlando Week's beautiful vocals, makes Given to the Wild a stand out album. Whats more, they are amazing live what more could you ask for? if ever I were to recomend an album, this would be it
Best track, Feel to Follow

3) Come of Age- The Vaccines
I fell in love with the band's first album, so you can imaginme my exctiment at the realease of their follow up album. At first listen I was unsure, but this is a grower, and by the second listen, Come of Age had won me over. With a slight different sound to their first album, whilst still retaining the sound we all love, Come of age has everything from 50s inspired rock and roll tunes (teenage icon) to moody grumbles (bad mood), it won't disapoint!
Best track, I Always knew

4) An Awesome Wave- Alt-J
Debut album from Alt-J, and winner of the Mercury Prize award is an amazing listen. it has proved to be very popular, quite unusual for an album of this genre, proving just how good it is. What makes this album so interesting is the diverse number of sounds which it includes, electronic, dubstep, and folk to name a few, but works so well when put together!
Best Track, Dissolve Me

5) Sunny side Up- Paolo Nutini
Although nearly three years old now, I had to include this in my best albums, simply because I have not stopped listening to it all year. It sounds so perfect in the summer, with it's happy tunes and melodies, and picks me up in the winter- a definite all rounder, Paolo's voice has to be one of my favourites of all time, and his songs never fail to hit the mark. A great listen
Best Track, Candy

6) Together we were made- The Feeling
Released last year, this is The Feelings third album. Having been a fan since their first release back in 2006, this album did not dissapoint. With catchy pop rock tunes and a gorgeous duet with sophie ellis bextor (Leave me out of it) this album is a must have.
Best Track, Say No

7)Radio one's Live Lounge 2012- Various artists
I admit that this one is a bit random, but if you are looking for a record full of variety and well known voices, then this is a great album for you. I have always been a fan of Live Lounge, seeing some of my favourite artists cover well known songs is always fun (who would have thought that the Vaccines singing Taylor Swift could work... well it does!)
Best Track, We are never ever getting back together, The Vaccines

8) Portamento, The Drums
Again, technically not released in 2012, but near enough and it was too good to miss out! The Drums are a great band, and even if you might not recognise the name you would defintely recognise some of their songs! Catchy beats and the occasional homourous lyrics, the Drums are the right mix of everything, and this album is a must have on any iPod
Best Track, Money

9) Beacon- Two door Cinema Club
If a reader of our blog, you may have seen a couple of months ago our post about going to a small TDCC perfomance and signing in HMV Oxford Street, that day I bought the album home and have not stopped listening to it since, it is a perfect blend of radio- friendly tunes and melodies, this is Two door cinema club doing what they do best! 
Best Track, Sun

Hope you enjoyed reading our blog in 2012, see you next year! :)

Happy New Year, Paloma xxx


  1. Love this post girls!! I have such a similar music taste to you two its scary :) lots of great outfits, have a happy new year! xx

  2. Great post! I love those outfits. I hope you have a great New Year!

  3. lots of lovely outfits, hope you've had a great year! xxx

  4. That Christmas sweater is SO cute! And I love all of the outfits together - such greatness all together. Happy 2013!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  5. Beautiful recap :)


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