Thursday 6 September 2012

DIY Peter Pan Embellished Collar

Hey Everyone!
As promised here is my tutorial for how to make a peter pan collar. I have always loved collars, they are one of the simpliest ways of updating any look, and they provide a perfect way in which to wear the same jumper a million different ways (haha giving that you have a million collars to pair it with of course!)
My favourite has to be the Peter Pan collar, because it gives any garment a 1960s inspired look, which for me has to be the best decade for fashion!
Embellishment is a key trend this season, and an embellished collar is an ideal way to sport the trend, without spending loads of money!
 After seeing this beautiful embellished collar from the new H&M autumn collection, I was inspired to have a go at trying to re-create my own. The collar costs £14.99, which due to its gorgeous attention to detail is a steal! However, due to its popularity it is sold out to buy online at the moment! So if you are desperate for a new collar, or if you don't have £15 to spend- like me- then have a go at making your own, using this tutorial :)
How to Make a Peter Pan embellished collar
What you will need:
  •  stiff material- (interfacing or felt works well)
  • Piece of fabric, eg, cotton (about 1/2 metre)
  • Embellishment (optional) eg. Beads, sequins
  • Scissors
  • Needle, pins and thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Pencil and paper


1)  Draw and cut out half a collar shape on a sheet of paper. To make this easier, trace around a collar from another garment.
2) Using the stencil, pin to your stiff material, on a fold.
3) Cut around the shape, so you end up with a collar shape which is joined at the top, but not at the bottom
4) Repeat this step, but this time with the other material. You should end up with two collar pieces which are of equal size.
5 &6 ) Now, get creative and sew on pearls, buttons, beads etc., to decorate the collar, giving it a more unique and vintage feel, or alternatively leave it plain.
7) Make sure that when hand sewing on embellishment you sew them on securely as otherwise they may fall off later!
8) Place both collars on top of eachother with right sides together.

9) Pin the two collars together and tack to secure.
10) Leaving a 4cm gap (so that you will be able to turn the collar the right way out), sew the collars together, using roughly a 3cm sem allowance on a sewing machine.
11) Once sewn, cut excess fabric, so that the collar turns out well!
12) Sew on a hook and eye to make the collar easyily detcatchable and turn the right way out.
13) Sew up the gap using small hand stitches

The finished collar :) looks great worn with large knits for autumn!
Are you liking the embellishment trend this autumn? What are your favourite A/W trends?
Lots of love, Paloma xxx


  1. Wow!!! Great ideia, make your own colar, I love Peter Pan colars!!! :-D

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  5. Thank you for sharing this! I've been wanting to make one but normally tutorials explain how to make a necklace which closes behind. This one you made is beautiful, I like a lot your design ;)

    1. Awwr thats soo sweet! thanks so much :) its really worth the effort! xx

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