Thursday 28 June 2012

Wimbledon :)

 Hey Everyone!
Yesterday we went on a day tripto Wimbledon to watch the tennis. Wimbledon is England's biggest Tennis championship and we really wanted to check it out! We queued for a couple of hours in the morning sun and the time flew by. We were ticket number six thousand and something but we still managed to get in which was great! It was so gorgeous inside the grounds and there were so many people :) 

We watched a match on court 19, Troicki v Klizan, it was so exciting and the atmosphere was amazing (even though you have to stay pretty quiet during the match, there were several 'ooohs' and 'ahhs' at the exciting parts in the game and everyone was so nice!)  Also, what made it even better is that I am hopeless at tennis, (and most other sports as well!) so bad, that I can barely hit a ball so watching how fast these guys could hit the ball was AMAZING! But sadly the rain came, and play was suspended for a couple of hours(not that we wern't expecting it, wimbledon is famous for its rain after all!, so it added to the experience :)) Troicki won the game, so we were all happy, and it was a great end to an amazing day!

What We wore to Wimbledon
Jess- Lace dress- topshop, shoes- F&F, Denim jacket- New Look
Paloma- Dress- M&S, cardigan- ZARA, loafers- River Island, belt- ZARA
Smiling through the rain!

Wimbledon Wristband
People braving the rain! haha, yes that is a person under a blanket!

It's all pink! Tennis themed photo :P

love Paloma xxx


  1. Lovely photos! Looks like you had fun!!!

    The Urban Umbrella


    1. Thankyou so much, yh we really did, such a fun day :) xxx

  2. jealous! I wanna see sharapova, nadal,williams sisters and rus play tennis!!!! I want to meet them! hihi! ^_*

    1. Awww snap, love tennis, we really want to go again, please follow :) xxx

  3. Exciting times! I can't believe Nadal got knocked out. I'd love to see Tsonga play he's my favourite.

    1. Awwr I know Nadal is my favourite player! so I was really sad :( xx

  4. Oh wow, Im jalous <3
    looks like an amazing time :)

    Greetings from Germany :*

    1. Awwr thanks, yh it was so much fun! please follow :) xx

  5. Thanks for following Wear 2day! I'm your newest follower now too! I'm so jealous you girls were at Wimbledon. I love tennis and Wimbledon is the one out of the four tennis open that I really want to go to!!!


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