Friday 22 June 2012

'We Grew Up at Midnight'- The Maccabees

Hey All! This has to be the longest we have gone without writing a post! and it feels awlful! These past two weeks has been crammed with exams and a final push for revision, but, summer has officially begun! and exams are over! YAY, loads more blog posts to come!

Two weeks ago now, me and Jess went to see The Maccabees performing at Ally Pally, it was the most amazing experience and when we came out we were buzzing and literally didn't want it to end! I have never been to Alexandra Palace before, but it was such a  great venue and amazing atmosphere! We were at the very front and really recommend the support acts, Baxter Dury and British Sea Power. The Maccabees were so good live, even better than they are on CD- if thats even possible! There was a giagantic mosh though, so we had to move back a little to have a breather!

Look out for upcoming posts! Hopefully we will pick up some bargains on the weekend in the sales and also in Portebello (we can't get enough of the place!! 

Have a great weekend everyone! I'm looking forward to the football Euro Quarter- finals, who is everyone backing? xxPaloma xx

The Maccabees on Stage

The outside of Alexandra Palace

lots of people!
British Sea Power

Our Outfits-
Jess- Top, Topshop, shorts, H&M, tights- H&M and shoes- TESCO
Paloma - Top- Primark, jeans- River Island, Boots- Topshop

Our nails :)


  1. Great pics.. and beautiful blog!

    Following you dear and would love if you check mine and follow back if you like :)
    In a Blonde's Wardrobe

    1. Thankyou so much, and thanks for following, we will definitely follow back <3 xxx

  2. Replies
    1. Hey, thankyou, so do we :)please follow and we will follow back :) xxx

  3. I'm jealous! The Maccabes are such a cool band! Cool photos!
    PS. I LOVE your nails!

    1. Hehe, they were AMAZING, and thankyou so much <3 please follow xxx

  4. I'm seeing these at Leeds Festival can't actually wait! Your nails are fantastic.

  5. aww I love those photos :)
    your nails are sooo cute!!

  6. Looks like you had a fab time. I'd love to see The Macabees xx

    1. Yes, it was so fun! I'd love to see them again :) xx


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