Sunday 18 March 2012

Happy Madre's Day :)

Paloma's Lemon cakes :)
Edd Kimber's book 'The Boy who Bakes'

Hey Everyone! Happy Mother's Day to all you Mums or to your Mothers :) We thought we would do a quick little post on what we baked our mums today.
Paloma made these really cute and delicious Lemon Cakes (comment if you would like the recipe).
I made this yummy Passionfruit and Lime tart. I've never tasted fresh passionfruit before let alone baked with it, so it was bound the be a challenge...but it ended up being fine and scoring a solid 10/10 with my mum :)
Loads of love, Jess xx

Passionfruit and Lime Tart500g pack of shortcrust pastry
Plain flour (rolling)
8 passionfruits (halved and pulp removed)
1 lime
200g of Caster Sugar
6 egg yolks
150 ml double cream/ creme fraiche
Icing sugar to dust (blowtortch)
1st Step
Scoop out the pulp of your Passionfruits.

2)With a Blender or Stick, whizz the Passionfruit.

3)Next, push the pulp through a sieve, leave behind all of the pips.

4)Zest and juice your lemon and add to the Passionfruit.

5)Separate your eggs, but don't disgard the whites as they can be used for another recipe, e.g Macaroons.

6)Add your eggs to the sugar.

7)Whisk up the eggs and sugar until pale and fluffy.

8)Take your shortcrust pastry and push it into a tart case which has been greased. Then prick with a fork.

9)Blind bake the pastry with greaseproof paper and baking beans/ lentils, for 15 mins.

10)Meanwhile, add the passionfruit mix to the egg mix.

11)When the pastry is done, pour in the mixture in carefully.

12) With a sharp knife, cut off the excess pastry so that it wont get burnt.

13) Pop in the oven for 40 mins, at 140 C/ Gas mark 1.

14) When cooled, sprinkle with icing sugar then blowtortch to caramelize.

15) Finito :) It was LUSH!!!! And my mum loved it <3 Leave your comments and suggestions xxx


  1. mmm it's look delicious! I want a slice ;D

    kisses, Angelica

  2. Great recipe!! Thanx for sharing :)

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    1. Your welcome! You should definitely try it :) And we will definitely take a look at the giveaway xx

  3. In Spain, today is daddy´s day ;)


    1. hehee yes, I'm Spanish so I celebrated both in one day :) xx

  4. Wow that looks yummy!
    Just started following you awesome blog :)
    Would love you to check out my blog :D

    1. Hey, thankyou so much! We will follow back straight away! :) xx

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  6. Oh yum! This looks so incredibly tasty!

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  8. OMG passion fruit is like m favourite fruit ever am so gona try and make this :) x

    1. Hehe thankyou, it's sooo yummy, i couldn't stop eating it :) Please please follow, we neeeed 100!! xxx

  9. Love your blog girls! Such a good idea doing one together, this tart looks so yummy! Now following :) x

    1. Thankyou so much for following, we love your blog xxxx

  10. WOW!
    I love cooking these days! I have too try rhis! Love the blog girlies!
    This looks too yummy!

    1. Thankyou so much, cooking is actually really addictive :) xxx

  11. yummy!!!

    Following, and looking forward to future posts.

  12. Hi there, Ms. Jess and Ms. Paloma! I just nominated you on another award. Please go and check it out!

    Thanks and congratulations! :)



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