Saturday 18 February 2012

Tuxedo Nail Art - Zooey Deschanel style

Nail Art Tutorial
After seeing Zooey Deschanel's nail art at the golden globe awards
we were inspired to create our own tutorial for amzing tuxedo nail art.
here are our step-by-step stages

 Stage 1) Paint two even coats of white nail polish - preferably chip-resistant.

 Stage2) When completely dry, paint the tips of the nail using a black
nail art pen.

 Stage3) Now draw the bow ties. An easy way to start do this is by putting a dot
where you want the bow, and then drawing two 'even' triangles on either side.

Stage4 ) Probably the easiest stage, dot three blobs of black nail art pen
inbetween the tip and the bow tie - make them of equal distance apart.

Stage5) Paint your nails with a clear top coat to make them shine
and last for longer.

...And you're done! Easy as that, Zooey Deschanel style nails in 5 easy steps. Hope you enjoyed   x

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