Saturday 7 June 2014

Tryin' to find a diamond in an avalanche

Rearrange- Miles Kane

Jess | Trousers- Topshop | Top - Miss Selfridge | Shoes- Office |
Paloma | Dress- M&S | Jumper | Autograph | Shoes- Topshop | 

Hey all,

So these photos were taken on a recent trip to the river when Jess and I did some last minute English revision for our A level exam (which was yesterday!). I have literally been a recluse for the past few weeks so it was nice to get a change of scenery and study out by the river! It was all very pastoral and countrylike ironically keeping to the theme of our Literature topic this year of the Pastoral. Looking forward to more sunny trips to the river (and beach) when all exams are over! :)

Lots of love, Paloma


  1. I love both of your outfits - really pretty! Good luck for the rest of your exams xx

  2. Great looks girls and love the braids! :)


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