Tuesday 13 May 2014

You're running in my head and I can't keep up

Feel- Bombay Bicycle Club

Paloma | Jumper- Autograph | Dress- H&M | Boots- Topshop | Earrings- Primark |Sunnies- Primark
Jess | Dress- Primark | Belt- River Island | Jumper & Sunnies- Topshop
| Sunnies- Vintage |

Hey all,

So we managed to sneakily snap these photos in a rare glimpse of sun in-between torrential downpours today! We are ploughing though our second week of sixth form ever (ekk). We have both been at our school for the full seven years so the thought of leaving is both exciting and slightly terrifying. Well if I don't get into uni I am definitely going to go searching for a job which involves food (read:cakes) as after English lit and art it is up there with my main passions in life ;)
Good luck to everyone doing exams, we will both be finished ours in just over a month so freedom is in sight finally!
Did anyone else watch Eurovision on the weekend? It is definitely my favourite guilty pleasure, although it doesn't come as a surprise considering I love anything slightly cheesy or musical, so the combination of the two is a winner for me!

Loads of love, Paloma



  1. That floral print is so so pretty! You both look amazing, as always :)

  2. I love your outfits, especially how you've matched your nail polish and earrings, Paloma! Great song lyric too :)



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