Thursday 3 April 2014

And we lie drunkenly just staring at the stars...

Staring At The Stars - Passenger
Paloma - Dress - Primark | Boots + Leather Jacket - Topshop | Jumper - Vero Moda
Jess - Dress - Staring at Stars | Shoes - Office | Sunglasses - Vintage
Hey Guys,

Sorry for the delay in posts, we've both been ill recently so haven't had a chance to take any snaps. Also, i'm in rehearsals for my drama A2 practical examination which is on Thursday, therefore have been roaming around in my trackies a lot, which doesn't blog too well.

The sun came out again today, which was a lovely change from chilly and humid weather. We both got our dresses out again, Paloma's teamed with a leather jacket - a smart move to layer when you live in London. I on the other hand went full on summer and dragged out the sunglasses which haven't seen a blog post yet - I love raiding my mum's wardrobe :)

Some exciting news for us, we have got the contract through for our prom! It's all sorted, now all we need is for everyone to pay up and start committing to it! We are both so excited to get dressed up, typical girls.

I hope you're all well,
Jess xxx

 P.S - We've been invited to lots of blogging events in the Easter hols, keep checking the blog for future posts.


  1. Both look super pretty, love the blue dress :)

  2. I love your two dresses! really pretty xx

  3. Georgeous outfits girls, I especially love the blue dress :)
    Hope you're both feeling better now!
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x


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